Chicken Disease and Illness in Your Flock

There are people won’t raise chickens because of chicken disease and illness that may strike the flock. This is a valid concern for every chicken owner. We should be aware of the common chicken diseases,but, I don’t feel it is a reason to avoid raising backyard chickens. There are health benefits in fresh eggs. Chickens who eat only healthy food and free range goodies, provide us with good nutrition. Also, the free compost from feeding the flock, when carefully tended, will keep your garden soil full of healthy nutrients. This will enable you to raise healthier vegetables. While those healthy chickens are out foraging, they will more than eat their weight in insects, including ticks. You can build your own ecosystem in your backyard. However, chicken diseases do exist and can make your flock ill. Knowing the signs and symptoms of chicken disease and how chickens appear when ill is important.

chicken disease

a healthy chicken is usually busy all the time.

The earlier you notice a symptom or sign of chicken disease in your chicken, the better your chance of correcting the problem and saving the chicken’s life. Lets not kid around. We all get attached to our laying hens and their protective roosters. These birds supply us with eggs on a daily basis and we get to know their individual behavior and personalities. It is hard to see them feeling poorly, and it’s natural for us to want to help them feel better.
The first sign of chicken disease or illness could be anything out of the ordinary behavior for your chicken.

If your chicken is usually the dominant hen and you notice it being picked on, or withdrawing from the flock, something is probably wrong. The chicken may be unwell and trying to stay away from the other chickens. It takes effort to maintain a high place in the pecking order and a sick chicken may not have the strength or energy to do this. Chicken disease and illness can vary from mild to severe. The chicken disease can be metabolic, viral or bacterial.

Signs of Chicken Disease and Illness

  • Ruffled or unkempt feathers

  • Chicken is self isolating from the flock

  • Chicken is not pecking, scratching and eating

  • Egg Laying in hens has ceased

  • Pale comb and wattles

  • Cough, watery eyes, raspy breathing

chicken disease

healthy chickens take dust bathing and grooming very seriously